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EZOps Cloud has a new way of handling DevOps

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50 - 75 Employees
We are an AWS Partner focused on enhancing company's in the cloud with advanced technology and an automated process. For years our team has completed numerous AWS projects that we were able to identify patterns and create an Open Source ready solution, combining the latest Amazon services, Docker and Jenkins. Everything highly secure, cost-effective, resilient, customized, with a good performance and, of course, scalable.

Among our significant achievements that prove the high quality of EZOps Cloud services We are a certified AWS Certification with AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate. 

Our DevOps engineers are proactive helpers with large experience to guide and enjoy innovative agile solutions and to grow in the business through cloud-based technology, advising, managing their services, and saving the time 24/7.


EZOps Cloud is ready to provide a unique combination of services, products, and training that allows our clients to plan, build and manage their whole DevOps infrastructure with high efficiency and agility. Our main goal is to help automating their developing processes and IT operations using the ultimate technological concepts.
Focus Area
Service Focus
  • Cloud Consultants
  • Cloud Solutions
Industries Focus
  • Information technology

AWS Amplify Business Intelligence CI-CD Cloud Cloud Development Development Jenkins Cloud Service DevOps Machine Learning (ML)

Learning and Development Multi-Platform Case
Learning Management System Platform Case
Financial Loan Case
Standard Solution
Nearshore Platform Case
NFT - Non Fungible Token Platform
Insurance Data Analysis Case
Digital Assets
Clinical Trials Case

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