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A mixed reality artist plans and makes innovations that create the interface between computers and people more interactive. Every business is adopting it, like institutions, retailers, and gaming, but other businesses are looking to launch programmes of their own. Browse the best virtual reality companies and augmented reality companies below and select from the list of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) developers.

List of AR and VR Companies | AR and VR Companies

Since its inception in 1999, Drish Infotech has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions globally. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with an additional office in Saratoga, CA, and a proficient backend development team in Chandigarh, ... learn more

< $25
76 - 100
Chandigarh, India
The Drish Infotech Limited team has responded excellently to the company's needs. Communication is efficient v... read more

Onwer of GPX


Software engineers that think of business not just code

Software development company from sunny Florida with offices around the globe.

16 - 20
Tampa, United States
No Review Available
Insights to your Digital Innovations

We are a leading global custom software development company with a passionate and talented workforce ambitious to tackle real-world problems with innovative programming skills. Throughout our incredible journey of 14 years, we tackled impediments and gathered ... learn more

251 - 300
Pleasanton, United States
No Review Available
Award-winning Web & XR Digital Experiences

The Virtual Wild is an interactive agency with a passion for solving our client’s business challenges using strategy, design, and cutting-edge technology. With the production of innovative and interactive experiences that are visually compelling, ... learn more

10 - 15
Dallas, United States
No Review Available
An Award-Winning Virtual Reality Production Studio

We believe in the power of virtual reality and the art of storytelling. As a full-service virtual reality production studio, we help our clients through the entire process of creating stunning immersive experiences (VR, AR & 360 ... learn more

10 - 15
United States
No Review Available
Award Winning Design + Tech

CXR Agency is an award-winning full-cycle software development and IT Consulting company building full-stack Web, Mobile, Blockchain, XR and AI applications as well as providing Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams.

50 - 75
Brooklyn, United States
No Review Available
We develop games based upon Meaningful Play.

CR Studios develops various projects — from educational apps to large-scale gaming projects. We adhere to the concept of Meaningful Play and go beyond mere entertainment: through our games and apps, the audience gains experiences that ... learn more

76 - 100
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CR Studios developed an engaging educational mobile game designed to empower employees with essential rules of... read more


Vladimir Drogan

Humanizing Digital Connections

Tonic3 is the dedicated user experience division of W3, a 25-year old digital agency with offices in Buenos Aires, Dallas, and São Paulo. We have over 100+ teammates partnering with clients from Fortune 1000 to funded ... learn more

50 - 75
United States
No Review Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital elements onto a live view, often through a smartphone camera, enhancing the real-world environment. Virtual reality (VR) provides a fully immersive experience by replacing the real-life environment with a simulated one.

A VR company specializes in virtual reality content production, combining narrative storytelling, technology, art, and gaming to create immersive digital experiences.

AR Development companies on Clutch offer various services, including Mobile App Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Ecommerce Web Development, and UX Design.

Look for proficiency in programming languages like C#, Swift, Python, and Java. Additionally, expertise in 3D tools, video and sound production, and UX/UI knowledge is essential.

Yes, VR Development companies on TrueFirms offer services in 8+ languages besides English, including Hindi, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, French, and more.

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