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Benefits of TruefirmsTM

Traditional Process TrueFirmsTM
Vendor Reach 2 to 10 Vendors 40000+ Vendors
Global Reach Geographical Limitations 88+ Countries
Hiring Time 30 Days 24 to 48 Hours
Recurring Cost Of Training & Benefits Substantial Cost Involved Negligible
Agility To Scale Team Up or Down Very Low Very High

Frequently asked questions

A B2B Staff Augmentation Marketplace is an online platform that connects businesses with skilled professionals available for project-based work. It serves as a virtual marketplace where businesses can find and hire on-bench staff or freelancers to augment their existing teams for specific projects or tasks.

Staff augmentation services can be marketed through online and offline channels. Strategies include creating a strong online presence, leveraging social media, participating in industry events, and showcasing success stories and client testimonials.

Staff augmentation involves supplementing a company's internal team with external professionals to meet specific project requirements. These professionals, often freelancers or contractors, work under the client's direction and contribute to the project as an integrated part of the team.

Staff augmentation involves adding external professionals to the existing team to fill skill gaps, while consulting typically provides strategic advice and recommendations to improve overall business processes.

Staff augmentation involves adding external professionals to the client's team, while outsourcing involves contracting an external entity to handle specific tasks or projects independently.

Benefits include access to a diverse talent pool, quick hiring processes, cost-effective staffing solutions, and the ability to scale up or down based on project requirements. Businesses can leverage specialized skills for specific projects without the overhead of long-term employment.

Payments from clients can be arranged through mutual agreements based on terms and conditions. It is recommended to establish written payment terms before initiating any work or services. In case of payment disputes, resolution should occur directly between the involved parties, and the platform will not be held liable for such disputes.

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